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Kale steel door is single national firm who work with real steel techonology. This property make it world standart. Kale steel door is single door who have TSE certificate. İf you prefer the kale steel door you goto everywhere in the world. Don't hanker after behind you goto holiday easily.

KALE;is in pride, because only for his costumer's pleasure hundreads of workers send to service or fitting everday with special equipment The knowledge staff go to the get an appoitment adress , they finish diffucult work and they return with smile face.

Second lock
Bolt lock
Security retainer
Skirting board
Lock protection
Quake Table
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If you want make kale steel door , you will call "Garanti Hırdavat " and say "I want to make door". You live service different in garanti hırdavat with make kale steel door.

From March 1999 Kale make to lock your door eighteen key person mechanism and make steel hinge in Kale's door . You leave your home Kale's world. German ET.3 Quality Certificate is given to steel doors which passed from Deutsch DIN V 18103 endurance test and this certificate is the evidence of high quality level of kale steel doors according to international standards.

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